The Literati will start off as a quarterly online magazine, featuring criticism, reviews, essays and other content. We also plan to showcase writers of poetry and fiction in our upcoming issues. 

Please be sure to read our Manifesto to gain insight on our goals and motivation behind this magazine. We will look over your piece, review it and get back to you if it is appropriate. If it is, we will peer-review it and make editing suggestions, to which you will consider the changes and have your piece ready by the next issue. We are passionate about holding the highest quality of work, and work that provokes thought. We truly believe in giving writers an outlet for their creativity, and we here at The Literati want you to become a part of this project and reach your true potential.

If you feel like you have something to contribute, or inquire about please feel free to submit to us via email at literatilitmag @


You will still own the copyright to all your pieces we only request the exclusive rights to your piece until the next issue is released, as well as anthology rights.


We will be happy to accept any ARCs for consideration but we would ask that you please make sure that the book you are offering is the right fit for us. Any books received  does not mean we guarantee that it will be read or reviewed if it does not align with our values.