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“L'intellectuel est quelqu'un qui se mêle de ce qui ne le regarde pas.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

We seek the answers to life and the world around us.

We stop at nothing to unpack that which is unknown and foreign to us.

We are aware that in the words of Albert Einstein “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.” Yet this does not stop us from searching. What we maybe seeking is different for eachother but we search as one.

Ralph Waldo Emerson understood just as we do that “If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.” For it is in the books we read that we find answers, we understand the world, we discover ourselves. It is in the books that we read that we develop the knowledge to take on the world.

For far too long have we stood by and let people review great literature without any critical thought. Personal feeling and plot do not hold the secrets to what makes literature great. Unlikeable characters do not mean that a book is bad. We understand that “No two persons ever read the same book.” – Edmund Wilson. However we are not going to be complacent with the state of reading.

We seek to read critically, to explore the depth within. We will not stand idly by and let literary theory or critical analysis become an elusive art form. We seek to learn from the greats and develop our own style.

We accept that the terms like literary snobs and pretentious maybe used as a form of an insult and we will wear them as a badge of honour.

We are the intelligentsia, we seek to dominate the world of literature and expose the necessity of critical reading.

We are influencing the literary world one review at a time.

No we are not the Illuminati, we are something better.

We are The Literati.


  • To encourage in-depth, meaningful, critical discussion on books and other forms of media. 
  • To hold intelligence in utmost respect; recognizing intelligence and knowledge as important facets of our lives. 
  • To build an elusive community of intelligentsia. 
  • To encourage character studies -- how these characters would hold up in real life and how we can learn from their experience. 
  • To encourage the use of literary theory as proven methods to break apart and analysis the text. 
  • To encourage comparative studies (intertextuality). Let’s compare our featured book to other books, see where the influences come from or went to. To see how it is similar or different to other literature. 
  • To read books that push all of your limits. 
  • Our most important goal is to become a free thinker. Someone who doesn’t take what they’re told at face value. Becoming someone who thinks differently about an array of issues from the norm, and researches all the other possibilities. As well as someone that is never complacent with their abilities, always looking to improve themselves. 


  • By encouraging our members to pour in time and effort into their responses, we can have rich discussions that are thought-provoking but also encourage members to explore more literature they wouldn’t have picked up alone. 
  • It is acceptable to be pretentious. In fact, here at the Literati, we believe that your knowledge and your love for knowledge should be maintained and showcased. Others may view pretension as a bad word, but those people are full of nonsense. Knowledge is the key to life. 
  • We believe, in the most Socratic way, as put so eloquently in the Cave Allegory by Plato, that so many of us live in a cave, but the illuminated and enlightened few have seen the light, and although the sun shines too bright that it’s blinding that it would put most of us back into the cave as puppets; we have trudged through and seen more invaluable knowledge and experiences. Why stay in a cave when you can expand your mind, and see the world as it truly is: imploding onto itself every second of every day, by feeding us food, ideas, and gadgets that aren’t needed. Putting us into a dark box and pulling us around like puppets. Breaking loose of your prior knowledge and welcoming new thought will set you free. We believe fervently in free thinking. 
  • If this sounds like a cult, then you’re in luck. A cult for the intelligentsia! Think of the Illuminati but for the book nerds who eat knowledge up like a delicious pizza.