It Takes Five Verbs to Tango by Lori A. Sinanian

To think of a thought,

To question the thought,

To contemplate the thought…

On and on and on,

To make connections that don’t make sense to the thought,

To make a connection that makes sense to the thought.

You just did it.

You read the title and connected it

To the saying “it takes two to tango.”

Then you questioned

What it may mean,

You tried and tried,

[on and on and on],

you made a connection to that phrase you always hear:

“it takes two to tango”

Thinking it is the right connection to make,

That this will be about that,

It has nothing to do with it.

“It takes five verbs to tango,”

An entire thought process

That starts with a human and a brain,

An experience,

Whether one has been through it,

Listened to it,

Heard about it.


Passed down trauma,

Subtle trauma

From the surface level.

“Trauma” defines as firsthand genocide experience.

“Passed down trauma” means a descendant’s experience

Of an embedded thought of genocide,

Through stories,

Articles, and so on—

On genocide.

It allows one to deeply retain

The information

From constant exposure to the subject,

Though not firsthand genocide experience.

“Subtle trauma from the surface level”

An understanding of what occurred,

Knowing it is a humanistic matter,

That allows one to experience humanistic reactions,

Though it is not first hand.

It all depends on the person.


Between the categories,

But do not place yourself

In any of them,

For you could fall under all

Or none of them.

Instead, I ask you to leave it unanswered,

For most of our lives

Will forever be an unanswered question,

But with a chance

To fill those gaps with knowledge,

Through words,

And pictures,

And other mediums alike—

Anything that will teach us more,

More about us.

In this educational lab we call life,

Fill in those gaps of what you don’t know

With what you will know

By simply exposing yourself with knowledge

By listening—

especially to stories

That are vanishing.

© Lori A. Sinanian


Pay no attention to dialects as the idea of “seperation/separating.”

Dialects are evolutionary

They are subgenres of a language

Think of dialects as a double entendre

Multiple meanings by the same word

With dialects, there are many ways to phrase meanings differently

But mean the same thing

Everything intertwines

Everything is interconnected

Everything is connected

© Lori A. Sinanian

Poet Spotlight: Lori A. Sinanian

Lori A. Sinanian is currently majoring in English at Community College. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree, she plans to attend law school and with the foundation of a law degree, she plans to become a journalist. Lori is a product of two immigrant parents of ethnic Armenian descent from war-torn countries: Cyprus and Venezuela. The fusion of both cultures has given her a global perspective on war and peace, and one's inability to return to the homeland. As an Armenian-Venezuelan-Cypriot-American, her mission is to be a voice for the voiceless.



Even your alter ego feels the need to say the word



Instead of being




The pause in between words during the completion of a sentence is an intermission

Like an intermix of inner-conflicts and photographic images

The thought process before continuing my sentence aloud

Is like my alter-ego repeatedly repeating unaltered thoughts

That just aren’t loud




Is there such a thing as measuring our thoughts?

Categorizing them, Calling them - heavy thoughts, Disruptive thoughts, Stupid thoughts

Distracting thoughts, Good thoughts

But if these are merely thoughts. Are they really anything if they are not even tangible?

What makes a thought important? Is it a societal construct that has the ability to determine what’s important and what is not [important]?

Are thoughts “something?”

Isn’t the word something nothing at all?

Thoughts and something, A Bunch Of Nothing.



precepts, mantras, maxims
a pedagogy of life’s fixated thoughts and
predominantly mentioned often



words exist
to connect
a shared human experience
of situational and emotional existentialism
to ease the destructive commonalities found in a person
to cure different forms of destructive noxious cynicism