We are The Literati

The Literati is a quarterly literary magazine started by three literature-obsessed friends. The aim of the magazine is to promote interesting literature, as well as using this as an outlet for our passion. We are starting with a small humble beginning but we are hoping that The Literati will grow as more passionate people submit their works. We have a passion for literature that makes us think, this often includes post-modernism, the transgressive, cult classics, books in translation, satire and many more genres. Our interests in literature are broad.

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The Staff

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Hanaa El

Hanaa has been a voracious reader and a lover of knowledge since her first day of Kindergarten. Eating up books and going to the library frequently, Hanaa spent most of her time learning about different experiences, people, but most of all going on adventures with her favourite characters. This love for literature has carried on into her adulthood where she was lucky enough to find two other people who loved reading as much as she did, and together created the perfect outlet for their creativity and writing.

She obtained her BA in Psychology in 2015, and published a scientific article the same year. You can read the article here.

She also runs a blog on Wordpress, and makes book-related videos on YouTube.

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Michael Kitto

For most of Michael's life he wasn't a reader, it was only in 2009 that this changed. Now you will often find Michael making up for lost time with five or six books on the go; including The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism. He is passionate about books in translation and hopes to eventually read books from every country around the world.

He also runs a blog which he views more of a collection of his writings and is often on twitter talking about all things literary.

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Rachel Louise Alkin

Rachel is currently working on her MA in Literature, when she is not re-reading American Psycho. She is passionate about rock & roll, philosophy and of course literature, especially J.D. Salinger and Bret Easton Ellis.

She also makes book related content on YouTube. 

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